ATA Carnet

The ATA Carnet (Admission Temporaire/Temporary Admission) is an international customs document that simplifies border crossings with a single document for all customs formalities. It allows for the temporary duty-free import, export, and transit of goods. For this reason, the ATA Carnet is also referred to as the “passport for your goods”.

The Carnet ATA, for example, is used for:

  • Professional and sports equipment
  • Exhibitions, fairs, congresses, and similar events
  • Samples of goods

The goods must be re-exported complete and unaltered; otherwise, the incomplete or altered goods must be subject to customs duties.

Advantages of Carnet ATA:

  • No customs duties and taxes at customs
  • Easy handling, no special customs knowledge required
  • Valid for one year and for travel to one or multiple countries
  • Can be used by both companies and individuals

Ordering Carnet ATA:

With ATASwiss, applications can be filled out directly online and submitted to the LCCI. Registration for this service can be done at Detailed registration information can be found here. The issued Carnet can be sent by post or picked up directly at the LCCI counter.

Taiwan Special Rule: For travels to Taiwan, there is a similar document to Carnet ATA called Carnet CPD. For more information, please contact the certification office.

The Carnet ATA cannot be used for:

  • Perishable and consumable goods
  • Goods intended for processing, manufacturing, or repair
  • Promotional gifts