Liechtenstein Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI)

The Liechtenstein Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) was founded as the Liechtenstein Chamber of Industry in 1947 and renamed Liechtenstein Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 1980.

The LCCI has its headquarter in Vaduz and is a private association with voluntary membership. Being an employer association, it represents the interests of its roughly 40 Liechtenstein member companies. Since its founding, the LCCI strives for a sustained prosperous economy and social harmony in Liechtenstein.


The members consist of the large Liechtenstein industrial companies, the three major banks and several service providers. The LCCI member companies employ around 12,870 people in Liechtenstein and a further approximately 56,870 in the foreign subsidiaries throughout the world. Many industrial member companies do business in premium market segments as well as highly specialised niche markets and are internationally oriented, as a result of their technology leadership and specialisation. In their fields, several count among the world leaders. The member banks have international operations in private banking as well as asset management and also operate regionally in the commercial field. The LCCI service companies are active in various fields.


The LCCI actively contributes towards developing and maintaining an interesting business environment as well as sustaining the competitiveness of the Liechtenstein business location. It takes part in identifying and developing future prospects and opportunities for this business location.

Furthermore, the LCCI has given itself the following tasks:

  • To protect and represent the interests of its member companies.
  • To encourage a healthy national economy.
  • To uniformly handle and regulate issues concerning the relationship between employers, employees and apprentices.
  • To promote the export trade.

The LCCI is the employer representative for all member companies, except the banks. In addition, the LCCI provides the certificate of origin and certification service assigned to it in 1949. The main tasks are the checking as well as legalising of export documents and the issuing of customs documents for the temporary export of goods (carnets ATA).

LCCI Members

The members of LCCI are international companies, successful niche players and often world market leaders