Mobility and the Economic Location of Liechtenstein

Modern economies are inconceivable without a well-developed transportation infrastructure. A fast, reliable, smooth, and congestion-free movement of people and goods is an essential location factor. The transportation infrastructure is becoming a crucial factor in the global location competition.

Since the year 2002, the Working Group on Corporate Mobility Management (formerly known as the Commuting Traffic Project Group) of the LCCI has been actively dealing with current mobility issues. Through regular exchange of experiences, mobility managers from many LCCI member companies continuously optimize their measures in corporate mobility management (CMM). CMM contributes to reducing work-related individual traffic and decreasing daily traffic volume, allowing necessary traffic flow and preserving the environment. The LCCI member companies embrace the concept of sustainability and promote environmentally friendly behaviour through CMM. Each company designs its CMM individually, tailored to its specific needs and corporate culture.

The economic location of Liechtenstein should develop with a forward-looking approach and remain an attractive destination for businesses and employees. To maintain the regional and international accessibility and thereby the competitiveness of the location, it requires forward-thinking planning and action, and today it requires investments in expanding the transportation infrastructure – thus investments in the future.

The LCCI relies on a variety of measures for mobility that complement each other and lead to an efficient transportation system as a whole. An essential first step, according to the LCCI, is the expansion of the rail infrastructure on the Feldkirch-Buchs line to maintain international and regional connectivity.

The LCCI is convinced that only through the interaction of different modes of transportation can future-oriented, long-term, and intelligent solutions be found. Therefore, the LCCI considers the Mobility Concept 2030 of the Liechtenstein government to be the right approach: The measures and flagship projects included in the Mobility Concept 2030 aim to improve the transportation infrastructure, ensuring that the high quality of life and attractiveness of the location are maintained in the future.