Education System and Vocational Training

Liechtenstein is an attractive educational hub with a high-performance school system and diverse opportunities for vocational and further education. This is of great importance to the country because education at the highest level drives innovation in the economy, government, and society.

The LCCI is committed to the education system, especially to dual vocational training.

The excellent education system, both in academic training and dual vocational training, is a crucial factor for the social and economic development of Liechtenstein. Vocational training at the apprenticeship level and the subsequent further education are essential foundations for the competitiveness of the economic location. The in-house vocational training serves as an important source of qualified specialists and managers for many companies. The LCCI actively and purposefully promotes dual vocational training in the country.

The LCCI promotes the connection to technological developments and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) across all age groups.

STEM is an acronym and refers to subjects in the fields of Mathematics, Information Technology, Natural Sciences, and Technology. The LCCI supports and initiates various initiatives to establish a connection to STEM topics and current technological developments at all age levels. Through the ongoing advancement of technology initiatives and the establishment of cooperative models with schools, a fundamental understanding and basic knowledge are to be created, and interest in STEM professions is to be sparked.