Online Portals for Foreign Trade

Liechtenstein has been part of the Swiss customs territory since 1924 due to the customs treaty with Switzerland. Here is a selection of online portals that you can use for information related to foreign trade and various aspects of internationalization.

Worldwide customs database

The customs database is an international trade portal with country-specific information on tariff and non-tariff trade measures. The customs database provides Swiss and Liechtenstein companies with free access to all information related to customs tariffs, commodity classifications, and import formalities. The free registration can be found here.

Tares customs tariff

The Swiss Federal Customs Administration provides the customs tariff (Tares) free of charge on the internet. Tares includes not only the Swiss customs tariff but also explanations of the tariff and decisions on commodity classifications.

Market Finder

Market Finder is an interactive tool that allows you to create a shortlist of countries that are promising for your brand. Additionally, it provides information to help you assess the demand for your product or service.