Certificate of Origin and Legalisation Service

Non-preferential Origin

The Liechtenstein Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) issues origin certifications for companies based in Liechtenstein. Origin certifications serve as proof of the origin, value, or price of a product.

Certificates of origin can be required, for example, to control import quotas, foreign exchange, and import regulations, or as an additional document in letter of credit transactions. In some predominantly Arab countries, a certified invoice may also be required in addition to a certificate of origin. Presenting a certificate of origin does not grant duty-free status.

Due to the customs agreement, Liechtenstein is part of the Swiss customs territory. All goods manufactured in Liechtenstein according to the provisions of non-preferential rules of origin acquire the origin of Switzerland.

The Swiss non-preferential rules of origin can be found in the “Ordinance on the Certification of Non-Preferential Origin of Goods.” The corresponding implementing provisions are contained in the “Ordinance of the Federal Department of Economy, Education and Research on the Certification of Non-Preferential Origin.”

Certification of other documents

The Liechtenstein Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) also certifies other documents and certificates, such as visa applications, in addition to certificates of origin and invoices.

Preferential Origin

For questions regarding preferential rules of origin, the Office for Economy is responsible:

Office for Economy

Department of Goods Traffic, Customs, and Origin

Tel.: +423 236 69 08


The origin certifications cannot be used for claiming preferential customs treatment, regardless of whether Switzerland has concluded a free trade agreement with the importing country.