Finance and Taxes

The LCCI advocates for an attractive business location in Liechtenstein. Essential prerequisites for this are a competitive tax system and a stable state financial budget.

The stability of the social and economic system, legal certainty, and the Swiss Franc as the official currency ensure stability. To maintain Liechtenstein’s tax attractiveness, a balanced state budget and a low state quota are needed. As one of the few countries worldwide, Liechtenstein is debt-free, possesses state reserves, and has an excellent AAA country rating.

The LCCI advocates for a stable economic and financial policy through its political work. The attractive taxation of companies is a crucial factor in international location competition. Companies make their location choices, not least, based on tax criteria.

The LCCI member companies are globally oriented and operate worldwide. Double taxation agreements (DTAs) are a central element to enable companies to navigate tax matters in the international environment and remain competitive. The LCCI actively advocates for double taxation agreements with as many countries worldwide as possible, for example, by engaging in meetings with US representatives in Washington to establish a DTA with the USA.