Economic situation in Liechtenstein

The economic situation can be measured using various indicators. The following instruments provide a good insight into the economic situation of Liechtenstein.

Liechtenstein Economic Report

The economic development in Liechtenstein is reported in the Economic Report by the Office of Statistics. It is published each spring and autumn. The Economic Report provides an overview of the economic situation and prospects in key markets and concludes with an assessment of the economic development in Liechtenstein.

National Consumer Price Index

The national Consumer Price Index of the Office of Statistics shows the price development for goods and services that are significant for private households. The index reveals how the costs of living behave as a result of price changes in these goods.

Economic Survey

The Office of Statistics conducts a quarterly economic survey with companies based in Liechtenstein. The results of the survey provide insights into how businesses assess their current situation and the outlook for the future.

Business Cycle Index Consensus

The “KonSens” Business Cycle Index of the Liechtenstein Institute is a composite economic indicator that provides insights into the economic situation in Liechtenstein. It represents a conceptual extension beyond the usual reliance on Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as a basis for assessment.